My name is Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

I opened Contented Cats Boarding to create a new kind of boarding experience. One that provides a second home away from home. A place to stay that is purposely kept small (think family daycare vs commercial daycare) so as to provide the best care that can be given. A place where the staff is experienced and loving, a place that is safe and enriching, and a place where people truly love and understand cats. 


For kitties who do better staying home and many of them do, I offer home visiting services with the same great care and attention.


I care about each cat that I am entrusted with as if they were my own. 

Each cat is a unique individual.  When I provide care, I take into consideration each cat's individual purr-sonality, their level of sociability, age, medical factors, and energy level. I use my ongoing education and experience to tailor care to each and every cat individually.


I wear my Cat Lady Badge with Pride!

I get excited to be helping cats and their parents live better lives and strengthen their bond. I am an enthusiastic learner of all things cat: cat behavior, cat welfare (including sheltering, fostering, and community cats), cat enrichment, and cat health. The modern day cat lady still loves to wear cozy slippers and Netflix and chill with her fur baby but she is so much more! She is educated, a cat advocate, and works to be a positive contributor to the welfare of all cats.  

  • Certified Fear Free Professional

  • Volunteered in Dakin Humane Society's Nick's Nursery kitten icu and Community Cats TNR surgery spay and neuter program

  • Supporting member Cat Division IAABC

  • Member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

  • Feline Professional member of the Pet Professional Guild

  • Education in kitten socialization, feline destructive scratching, feline foraging toys, litter box issues, and much more.

  • Certificate Cat Behavior Consulting Mentorship with Katenna Jones

  • Licensed and insured 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I would love the chance to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.