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My name is Gwendolyn D'Aguiar.

I wear my Cat Lady Badge with Pride!

I am so excited to help cats and their parents live better lives and strengthen their bond.

I am an enthusiastic learner of all things cat:

behavior, welfare (including sheltering, fostering, and community cats), enrichment, and health.


The modern-day cat lady still loves to wear cozy slippers and cuddle at home with her fur baby but she is so much more! She is educated, a cat advocate, and works to be a positive contributor to the welfare of all cats.  

I care about each cat that I am entrusted with as if they were my own.

Each cat is a unique individual. When I provide care, I take into consideration each cat's individual purr-sonality, their level of sociability, age, medical factors, and energy level. ​ I use my ongoing education and experience to tailor care to each and every cat individually. For kitties who do better by staying home, I offer home visiting services with the same great care and attention.

I would love to help you with any questions you have - Please reach out! 


Experience & Certifications

  • Certified Fear Free Professional

  • Volunteered in Dakin Humane Society's Nick's Nursery kitten ICU and Community Cats TNR surgery spay and neuter program

  • Supporting member Cat Division IAABC

  • Member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

  • Feline Professional member of the Pet Professional Guild

  • Education in kitten socialization, feline destructive scratching, feline foraging toys, litter box issues, and much more.

  • Certificate Cat Behavior Consulting Mentorship with Katenna Jones

  • Licensed and Insured

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