When staying home is more of your cats thing- we've got you covered with home visits!

  • Fresh food and fresh water 

  • Daily litter scooping

  • Play, cuddling, brushing, or just hanging out- it really depends on what your cat likes

  • Medications

  • Turn a light or radio on or off

  • Bring in mail

  • Take trash and recycling to curb

  • $20 per visit

Playdates aren't just for dogs!


Give your kitty the best! Schedule a daily or weekly playdate session

Dogs get mid-day dog walks, playtime, field trips, and cuddles.

Don't cats deserve the same?

  • We bring the Toys, Affection, and Fun while you are at work. 

  • Kitty Playdates tailored to your cats individual purr-sonality.   

  • Happy Kitties=Better Behavior

  • Kitties too old to play will enjoy getting all the love and cuddles they want

  • Parent's get photo and video updates!

  • $15 per visit