• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

Knitting for Kitty Cats

Today I completed my Dakin foster application. The application asked information about why I want to foster, the people and pets in our home, and any health issues. They try to do everything possible to make fostering a positive experience for all involved, people and pets. I was very impressed again last night with the compassionate and cheerful people who work there, how well everything is run, and the depth of the training information and resources available to volunteers.

Later this morning I was in Northampton and stopped by Webs. I recently purchased Knits For Kitties from Barnes and Nobles and thought this was the perfect time to knit up some toys. I have been wanting to knit but didn't want too long or too hard of a project. When I saw this book I was hooked. After touching practically every yarn Webs had in stock (I am in love with the Wonderland Mad Hatter yarns in particular), I spied this wonderful BFL fiber top hand dyed in Vermont by Frabjous Fibers. I decided quickly that it would be a lot of fun to spin my own yarn and then knit up some kitty toys. Included in the photos are my Little Grace spinning wheel and my Kitty Kasas by Arni. I can order the Kitty Kasas if anyone is interested. They are wonderful products designed by a shelter with 100% of the proceeds going back to the shelter. They even have a kitty cam on their website.

The next step in fostering is being sent a daily email of animals needing fostering. Maybe it's too soon but I am hoping I start getting the emails this weekend. I am so excited to be part of the Dakin family and I hope to get started helping kittens within the next week. I am also going to the Cummington Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend. If you love sheep, dogs, or fiber you will love, love, love this country fair. I love to spend the afternoon watching the sheep herding trials.

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