• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

2017 Sheep and Wool

It was so nice to be outside this weekend. There were so many sights and sounds at the festival, sheep baaing, music and folk dancers, and of course lots and lots of wool and yarn. What I love about fiber festivals is that you are encouraged to touch the products. For us sensory seeking people, it's Heaven.

I met the loveliest woman today from Woolies of Shirkshire Farm of Conway, Ma. Her baskets of fiber looked to me like baskets full of fluffy cotton candy. We talked for quite some time and I am eager to visit her farm in Conway. After being a shepherd for many years, she now lovingly tends her gardens that provide the plants she uses to naturally dye her wool in all the colors of the rainbow. She even rescued 3 donkeys and we had a nice talk about our shared love of animals.

Always one of my favorite booths is Boho Originals by artist Elizabeth Post. She repurposes all things fiber, using even cashmere to create the softest and most beautiful creations such as dolls, teddy bears, and journal covers. New this year was her pastoral landscape wall art. I had to tear myself away from the wall art. For those of you who have the fiber bug, imagine having a piece of art that you can touch that also looks beautiful. It was so soft and I loved the feeling of the different textures. It reminded me of a tv show I watched in the past of artists who create art that is purposely made to touch for those who are blind.

Of course I ran into friends and it was so nice to see them. They also are animals lovers and we found out that they too are fostering rescues. I had my eye out for another friend I usually see there every year but I didn't see you. I thought it would be nice to catch up.

Of course you can't leave without stopping by the 4-H booth for some yummy food. Then off to the sheep herding trials to watch shepherds and their dog work as a team to herd a group of sheep through a planned course. The sheep need to go through 2 openings between fences, into a pen, through a shoot, and back to the holding pen. Shepherd and dog are timed and it's quite hard to know what will happen. The shepherd can use his or her body and staff to guide the sheep as long as they do not touch the sheep directly. One dog ran towards the sheep too fast, and the sheep ran straight to the holding pen and jumped the fence to get in- trial over for that shepherd team. For those who have never watched the sheep herding trials, I've posted a video on FB.

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