• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

Nick's Nursery

There are lots of sweet kittens in Dakin's Nick's Nursery who will soon be adoptable. My favorite is Raoul. He is shown here but the photo didn't come out too well. He's a little ball of fluff. So cute! I love some of the creative names the kittens have such as Cannoli. I've been helping to feed, weigh, do a quick medical check, administer sub-q fluids to those who are dehydrated, and refill supplies. I love this work with the kittens! It's so rewarding. I admire the two women I've been working with- Danielle and Allison, one a vet tech and one a vet tech student. It's so nice to be working alongside these kind women who love animals and go above and beyond to help them. One interesting fact is that all three of us adopted a dog since we started! I adopted Black Bart, a chihuahua. I highly recommend volunteering at Dakin if you get the chance. It's nice to give back, to work with other animal lovers, and to just hold kittens;) I recently read in Catster that there's a new perfume out called Kitten Fur. I think I need to buy the sample size and see if it does indeed smell like kittens.

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