• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

A friend sent me a comic today

A friend sent me this comic today and it made me laugh. I would love to be surrounded by 30 cats! LOL I absolutely love my job. When I was a little girl, we once had 13 cats. This was partially due to 2 stray mama cats that we took in who then had kittens. One had her babies in my bureau drawer. Imagine my surprise that day when I opened my drawer looking for a shirt to wear to school.

I came from a family of animal lovers. My grandmother loved to train dogs. I remember going to the circus and watching the tigers jump through a ring of fire. I wished that one day I would be able to have pet tigers because they were just very big cats to me- the bigger, the fluffier, the more to hug:) I was a very impressionable child with a vivid imagination. I think maybe all kids were before the advent of cable tv, video games, and the internet. Anyone remember that Saturday was cartoon day? Well one summer after going to the circus, I decided to train my pet dog to jump through my hoola hoop. I figured that when she was good enough at jumping right through the middle of the hoop, I'd be able to set it on fire and she wouldn't get burned. I debated on whether I should ask my parents permission to use fire or to perfect my act (with fire) and then show them, imagining how proud they would be of me. My guardian angel must have worked very hard watching over me when I was a child. I never did end up trying to set my hoola hoop on fire even though my dog learned to jump right through the center of the hoop. It makes me smile to think back on the summer memories of my childhood.