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MidWest Feline Nuvo Playhouse 61.5-inch Cat Tree Review

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Today we have the pleasure of caring for Riley. Riley is the first cat that boarded with us. He

has a very special place in our hearts. We recently made a few new purchases for Contented Cats and I will be reviewing them on my blog. Riley is the first cat to test out our new cat tree and as you can see he approves of it.

Our whole family came down with the flu this past week. If you are local, you'd know this is fair weekend here in Belchertown, a fair that people who were raised in town but moved away come back for year after year. It's a terrible weekend to be sick. The positive side of being sick all week was I had time to look at cat products while laying in bed with the flu. I decided to buy this new cat tree and I am glad I did. I ordered the cat tree from and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived the next day. I was very grateful to the Fed Ex man who carried it to the door for me.

I opened the box and laid the parts on the floor. I loved the beautiful blue carpet and the floral design. It is quite a lovely looking cat tree. The directions were very simple. The only tool needed was an allen wrench, which was provided. I am in no way a handy person. I like making coffee and a snack and providing company and moral support to those who help me with projects. I had to put the cat tree together myself and was eager to do so before Riley came to stay. I was quite happy with the whole project as it was very easy to put together. Thankfully the instructions were clear and easy to follow. It took me about 20 minutes to put together.

I chose it because I know from experience that cats love those sisal poles. They provide a great scratching surface but a bigger benefit is that cats can really get a good stretch scratching on tall poles like this. It provides a great surface for cats to really stretch those muscles and keeps humans happy because it's not destroying the sofa. The cat tree has 2 cubby hiding places for ground dwelling kitties (a term I got from Jackson Galaxy) and shelves for kitties who are tree dwellers (also coined by Jackson). I love the cat toys which suspend from the tree, something not regularly seen on cat trees. The tree provides the purr-fect height for kitties to watch the world go by as seen through our bay window. I really have my heart set on buying a modern cat tree (carpetless with aesthetic appeal to humans) but I know cats love this kind of tree and that's what we are aiming for- making kitties happy. I am very happy with my purchase of the Midwest Feline Nuvo cat tree and so are the cats.

If you go to the Belchertown Fair this weekend, be sure to check out the booth for B.A.R.C. They have a raffle for a gift basket and we donated a 2 day stay for boarding and a Precious Metal Nose Print pendant kit. There are also other great gift certificates from local businesses- I saw one for a photography shoot and a gift certificate for boarding with Holland Glen Kennels. Please support B.A.R.C. by donating or buying a sweatshirt or raffle ticket. They also have a contest for the fair theme "Fairest of Them All". B.A.R.C. came up with a great idea-a contest of who the fairest is-cats or dogs. To vote for your choice- I am going to vote for cats!- make a donation in the treat canister of who you think is the fairest- cats or dogs. A proceed of the donations goes to helping animals affected by the hurricane. See their booth for more info.

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