• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

Cats and catios

Today I sit in my warm home sipping coffee as rain, snow, and wind lash at the windows. My heart is craving spring so badly that I wish there were some way to protest this wintery weather and hasten back the sun. How I love the sun! I'm ignoring winter as best as I can. I've been looking at camper vans, lettuce seeds, sup boards, and outdoor cat enclosures.

An outdoor catio is on the top of my wish list. On the few warm days we've had this month, our kitty was hiding out by the door hoping to run outside at the first chance he got. We live on rte 9 where cars whiz by at 55 mph so it's not very safe. Even more unsafe is that he loves flowers and can't leave them alone. Flowers are very often a cause of poisoning in cats. If it's a pretty flower that smells good, it's probably poisonous. So the family has been talking about catios and cat fencing and keeping Bruno safe.

Today I contacted Rich's Cat Enclosures. They are right here in the valley and have excellent reviews. BARC (Belchertown Animal Relief Committee) has one built by Richard and ever since I saw it, it has been on my mind. I love that it comes with a roof and built in perches. I love that I don't have to build it- I am probably the most non-handy person I know of. I know my cat would love it and he'd be safe when venturing outdoors. I have some vet bills coming up- 3 pets need dentals and one needs knee surgery. As soon as that is behind me, I can focus on getting the catio.

Here's the website and the catio I want:

Does anyone else have a catio and if yes, how has your cat responded to it?

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