• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

I love being a pet sitter!

I am so blessed! Today was the best of mornings. I drank my morning coffee while looking out at the most amazing views of farmland all the while cuddling and brushing the most lovable cats you could imagine. This is my definition of bliss. This morning defined the perfect harmony of inner peace.

As a cat sitter, I have met the most amazing people. Animal lovers are the friendliest people I know. They welcome me into their home to care for their precious fur babies and as a fellow pet parent, I know how much faith and trust they are placing in me to care for their pets as I do my own.

This is a dream career for me. I have found my place in the world where I can about go about my day, quietly without notice, doing good for others, making their lives easier, and hopefully less stressful. These pet parents may not even realize how grateful I am to them for letting me care for their kitty cats and how much I enjoy it, or how much their kindness to my children and I means to us, or how the beauty they bring into my life through their lovely homes, colorful flower gardens, peace filled views, kind offers for my children to enjoy their ping pong table while we are there, and unique experiences I would never otherwise have fill my heart with peace and joy.

How delightful it was to care not only for one client's cat but also be asked to feed her Koi fish. I had until then not known that water lilies bloom in the day and fold up every night. The sounds of the water trickling down a waterfall into the pond while watching the Koi rise to the surface to eat bits of food filled my heart with unspeakable joy.

So to all my pet parents out there- thank you! Thank you so much for entrusting me to care for your pets. I know they are like children to you. Thank you for being so kind to my children and allowing them play ping pong, have the joy of tending your flowers, and tipping them when they help me to care for your kitty. Thank you for the peace you bring into my life. Every time I pet sit, it's like having a mini vacation for myself. Thank you to all of you. You know who you are! :)

I hope you all have a blessed day!

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