• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

Jackson Galaxy

As if today couldn't get any better, I had forgotten today was the live video for Super Mojo Members with Jackson Galaxy! I had pet sitting duties tonight so I was not able to attend the live video chat but I was able to come home, curl up on my double papasan couch in the cat room, and watch the recorded video with a very special and super friendly kitty staying with us. Pinch me! Is this real? LOL! "Geeking out" to 45 minutes of Jackson Galaxy talking about cats and rescue while cuddling with a very special kitty was the ultimate end to my already wonderful day.

If you are interested, you can become a Jackson Galaxy Super Mojo Member for $4.95 per month on Youtube. Benefits include members only live chats once a month, special coupons for the Jackson Galaxy store, and being the first to know what new things Jackson has up and coming. For My Cat From Hell lovers, season 9 starts September 1st at 8 pm. Jackson said it was going to be a bi-weekly series for those of us who love to binge watch. Awesome! I love that we will get 2 whole hours of cat tv a week this fall as the weather gets cooler. Whoop Whoop!!

I was wishing to make it to Cat Con this year or Cat Camp but pet sitting kept me too busy to be able to attend. On my mind though is planning a day trip to a cat cafe. How I wish I could open one here in Amherst. I think it would do very well here in the five college area and be a great resource for local rescues like Dakin, Rainbow Rescue, and Second Chances to help get more kitties get adopted.

Stay tuned in to my blog in the next day or two for a review of Contempo Cats Elevation ll pole which is a new catification addition in the cat room.

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