• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

Not Too Late To Book The Holidays

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I am trying to hold onto summer as long as I can! Fall is my favorite season, but once fall comes to New England, it means we are in for a long, dark winter. I am not going to lie, by January when by 4:30 pm it's pitch black outside I am missing the sun like you wouldn't believe, but I sometimes long for those long, winter nights when the whole world seems to slow down. Those nights to me mean snuggling with kids and pets while all wrapped up in cozy blankets holding steaming mugs of hot cocoa and watching the crackling, bright logs burn in the fireplace. It means laughter around the table at holiday gatherings with loved ones and the soft feel of yarn on my fingers while knitting. Then there's also books to be read and cats. Lots of snuggling with cats!

The kids are heading back to school, the town fair will soon be here, and leaves will turn brilliant hues. Every year I get last minute calls to board or sit during the holidays and have to turn many people away. For some, the holidays is the only time of year they will need pet care so people can visit their loved ones. It's a very busy time for pet sitters! On Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, holidays my family celebrates, dinner and guests will be planned around my kitty clients. All our kitty clients are like family to us. We make sure they are well cared for and given extra love during the holidays when their parents have to be away.

We love to accommodate last minute requests and 99% of the time we can, but during the holidays we are flooded with requests, many times from new clients, and will not always be able to serve everyone due to too many requests. It really becomes a matter of first come first serve. So please book as soon as you know your travel plans. Know that when you have to be away in November and December, your baby will be in good hands and in a fellow cat parent's heart. We truly get it because we too are owned by our cats.

I am excited to announce that I am looking into the latest tech available in the pet services industry. I am working with several companies to determine which online service would be the best to offer you, our valued clients. This would enable us to offer you online booking and cancellations, credit card payments, and messaging, including photos and details of how each visit went. I will email everyone with the details once I've determined the company I am choosing. As always, I love to also chat in person. I know everyone is busy gearing up for school and the fall season ahead, so I am looking forward to offering you many options to reach out to us in your preferred way whether it be online, email, text, or in person.