• Gwendolyn D'Aguiar

Thought About Purchasing Pet Insurance but Don't Know Where To Start?

Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or adopting for the first time, pet insurance is something pet parents should inform themselves about. Have you considered purchasing pet insurance only to get confused very quickly as to what it covers and what it doesn't, how it works, and who provides pet policies? Well, these questions just became a lot easier to answer. Thanks to, breaking down the mysteries of pet insurance has been solved with a quick click of your mouse. The information they are offering is free and is current as of yesterday- October 23, 2019. What better time than now to stop procrastinating and look into what pet insurance plans offer and how they work?

Their site says they have put over 200 hours of research into this subject with 30+ resources used, 15 companies vetted, 7 features reviewed, and they even give their top 9 picks for providers. That's really impressive and very helpful for busy cat parents like us. The thing I love about this resource is that it's all broken down into easy to read categories and comparison charts. I don't have to spend hours hunting down information and comparing companies because it has now been done for me.

As a pet care provider, I also know that most cat parent's do not have a pet insurance plan and maybe it's time we think about getting one. The AVMA states that 76 percent of cat owners consider their pet to be a member of the family and pet insurance has been available since 1924 yet so many pets are without coverage today in 2019. Pet emergencies hit us when we are not ready for them and one trip to the veterinary hospital can honestly mean life or death for your cat just due to the financial cost. So I urge all pet parents to do their pet a true favor and become informed. Read the page at to determine if pet insurance is something your furbaby should have. I bet your tv has coverage....should your cat?

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