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Last Minute Gifts You Can Buy Today for the Cat Lady in Your Life

Hi everyone! Yesterday I went to the Barnes and Noble and curated a last minute gift list for the Cat Lady in your life. Whether she is 5 or 105, there's a cat themed gift out there for her. The best things? All these gifts are $20 or less and in stock right now. Some of them are even less than $10. So let's begin...

For the Techie Cat Lady consider a tablet pillow.

Embellished with cute yoga cats, paw prints, and hearts, she can scroll the socials for hours curled up with her favorite feline.

How about a some puzzles to stave off Covid boredom?

This Brain Games book and these puzzles are sure to provide many hours of interest when she's stuck home quarantining.

For the girl who loves a good planner..

Goodbye 2020- can't say we'll miss you.

For the book lover in your life, there are many cat books in a variety of reading categories.

Whether she's into mysteries, fiction, or non-fiction, there's a book to satisfy every Cat Lady's likes.

Magazines are always Popular.

You can even add a subscription that you purchase online for a whole year of gifting. Every time a new magazine arrives, she will think of you.

For the crafter Cat Lady

How adorable is this?! Add the Cats in Sweaters book with this crafting kit for a gift that is sure to make her smile.

2021 anyone?

Oh yes! 2021 is going to be an epic year. It just has to be. After all this quarantining, we will surely appreciate what we had all along. Visits with loved ones, lunch with a friend, holidays...I can't wait! These page a day calendars will keep up the smiles while we eagerly await things to change. Until then, we can journal- which leads us to our next gift...

Journals! If you are like me, you can never have enough journals.

Check out the cute pins too! Barnes and Noble has a whole shelf dedicated to all things Cat Lady in the journal section.

Now we move onto gifts for the littlest Cat Ladies in your life.

I think everyone should foster a love of animals in children. They are the future caregivers of the world.

These next 2 photos combine a love of cats with a love of reading. There are even cute Ty plush kitties to snuggle with and read to.

We absolutely adore these Purritos.

They are super soft and my teen has the whole collection. This gift will sure to make anyone smile and it's such a fun gift to unwrap.


I just love these toys. This Twist Petz turns into a bracelet so she can have a kitty wherever she goes. The Crayola cats look like so much fun. Calico Critters were one of my girls' favorites and a true classic.

I hope you enjoyed this Cat Lady gift guide. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday.


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